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Published on September 22nd, 2012 | by No Artificial

WHY? “Strawberries”

Strawberries are groovy and so are WHY?’s.

WHY?, a famous trio of Cincinnati-born Yoni Wolf, brother Josiah and Doug McDiarmid, has begun promoting their highly-anticipated album Mumps, Etc.

Just recently the band unveiled album opener “Jonathan’s Hope”, and now WHY? unleash the album’s second single, “Strawberries”, which features swarming piano, bell breakdowns, hand claps, whistles and intense confessional lyrics.

‘The Guradian”s music critic Ailbhe Malone shared her thoughts on WHY?’s fifth album:
“What’s strange, though, is how totally into it I am. I don’t care that he’s rapping about “itching like an intern with a suntan”. I don’t care that he’s singing about not wearing “rubbers or sunscreen” (which might explain the uncomfortable sun damage). When the forlorn keyboard riff and handclaps kick in at the end, I want us to run away together, him and me.”

The full length Mumps, Etc. will be released on October 9 through Anticon in the U.S. and October 8 through City Slang in Europe.

Preview the track “Strawberries” from their forthcoming album below.


Mumps, Etc. Tracklist:

01 Jonathan’s Hope
02 Strawberries
03 Waterlines
04 Thirteen on High
05 White English
06 Danny
07 Sod in the Seed
08 Distance
09 Thirst
10 Kevin’s Cancer
11 Bitter Thoughts
12 Paper Hearts
13 As a Card

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