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Published on August 2nd, 2012 | by No Artificial

Take a Deep Breath

Getting riled up at your business partner or dealing with jet leg can do more than push your cortisol, a stress hormone, levels up.

According to US researchers, being angry can affect the lung health, lowering their ability to work properly. The scientists discovered that men who were consistently upset throughout their life had poorer lung function than a men who learned to let go of their anger.

Nutritionists recommend taking mullein leaf to improve lung functions. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that 3 g of mullein leaves per day can help clear mucus from the respiratory tract and may be used to treat respiratory illnesses including cough, lung congestion and bronchitis. The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) suggests mullein leaves along with mullein flowers to relax the chest in patients suffering from asthma or chesty cough.

But if you find yourself getting angry more than normal, losing your temper, or if you notice that it seems like every little thing upsets you, the British Association of Anger Management has these quick tips to help you calm down:

  • Breath deeply. Count to seven when you’re breathing in and 11 when you’re breathing out
  • Remind yourself to stay calm
  • Remove yourself from the situation physically if you can, or emotionally if you can’t
  • Count backwards from 20 to one
  • Go for a walk, ideally in a park or open sapce
  • Visualize a calm tranquil place such as the sea pr mountains for about two minutes
  • Inhale relaxing aromatheraphy oils such as lavender or rose


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