Sustainable OAT Shoes

OAT Shoes, the Dutch footwear company based in Amsterdam, has created the “blooming shoes” that are not only biodegradable but also grow pretty flowers when they’re “planted” into the ground.

Designed by Dutch entrepreneurs Christiaan Maats and Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn, these sustainable sneakers recently won the second prize at the Green Fashion Awards at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

The company’s logo is made up of a circle, a triangle and a plus sign, representing their core values—unite, create and inspire and it’s vision is to create shoes that make the wearer feel like they are becoming part of nature.

OAT shoes are made out of all non-toxic materials such as biodegradable plastic, herringbone hemp, cotton laces and biopolymers. The seeds are packed in the sole of the toe lining along with planting guidelines.

The latest OAT Shoes’ Second Skin Collection features warm autumn shades set off with bright white accents to highlight the company’s signature sole and eyelets.

OAT Shoes are available in select retail stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, and also through the website (so far, in the EU only). The sneakers will be available in America next year. You can, however, buy them without the seeds through Jardins Florian.

The post-wear bloom is an awsome idea, but what’s really great about these shoes is the innovative use of biodegradable and environmental friendly materials. So, even without embedded seeds, they’re a big step forward for sustainability.

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