Sustainable Café by Starbucks

Over 40 years ago Starbucks was a single store called Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice in the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Today the company is the most recognized  “coffee brand” in the world. With more than 20,000 retail locations, Starbucks aims to reduce its environmental impact and has made sustainability a part of the firm strategy and planning.

Since 2009 a number of Starbucks stores have been designed, built or remodeled as part of the new LEED Volume Certification Program that the company have joined. Starbucks has set itself the new goal of building all its new stores globally that meet LEED standards. According to Starbucks, their LEED certified outlets are built with recycled and locally sourced materials. Furthermore, the company also claims that the new stores generate 60 percent less construction waste and require significantly less water and energy to operate.

Let’s take a look at their latest sustainable café concept in Amsterdam to learn more about Starbucks corporation’s eco-friendly adjustments. The store is situated in a 430 square meter (4,500 sqf) subterranean space in the vault of a historic Amsterdamsche Bank, a landmark building on Amsterdam’s famous Rembrandt Square. This unique cafe is the work of Liz Muller, Starbucks’ Concept Design director, and it’s the first concept store in Europe. She brought on 35 local artists and craftspeople to convert the historic space into the new eco-trendy coffee shop. Using local people and local sustainable materials , with oak used as the primary source, the team paid homage to contemporary Dutch culture and its deep coffee tradition. Local design details include antique Delft blue tiles, a ceiling sculpture created from 1,876 hand-cut wooden blocks,the reclaimed school chairs, window cushions  and a wall clad in recycled bicycle inner tubes. And while all of the design and structure sustains strict LEED Volume Certification program guidelines to minimize the impact on the environment, the designers have gone out of their way to integrate the converted design.

Starbucks ‘The Bank’ Concept Store is not just a coffee shop, but a global ‘coffee laboratory’.
It has been designed for theatre, live music, and new taste and drinking experiences with Starbucks first Clover® Brewing System in Europe and in-store baking concepts. The company plans to open more concept stores around the world.

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