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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by No Artificial

Solar Powered Tumble Dryer

Miele, the German appliance company has launched the world’s first solar powered tumble dryer.

T 8881 S EcoComfort tumble dryer was introduced at the IFA 2013 consumer electronics and home appliances trade show in Berlin.

T 8881 S EcoComfort is only one tumble dryer in the market that uses solar energy from a rooftop array.

The process appears to function in a way similar to the kind of solar-powered heating systems often used in low-energy household.

During sunny months, it uses a rooftop solar power array, which produces hot water fed into a storage tank. The storage tank integrates into a heat exchanger which transfers the hot water into hot air to dry the clothes.

Miele dryer Solar Powered Tumble Dryer

In the midst of winter or rainy days, the T 8881 S EcoComfort can depend on either Geo-thermal heat, or a bio-mass system to heat the water in the storage tank.

According to the Energy Information Agency (EIA), “residential clothes dryers in the US use around 43 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, which amounts to 32 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.”

With this energy exchange, the EcoComfort dryer, could cut the operating costs of a heat pump dryer in half.

It uses less energy compared to a heat pump dryer by about 60% or 80% for a conventional dryer, claimed Miele. The solar dryer “reduces the burden on the environment” with an A+++ energy efficiency rating provided by the European Union, they explained.

T 8881 S EcoComfort isn’t actually powered by the solar energy only. It works in combination with the central heating system, connected to a storage tank.

There is no price yet, but the appliance company states the dryer could pay for itself within just over 7 years of use.

 Solar Powered Tumble Dryer

Via Miele

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