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Published on February 4th, 2014 | by No Artificial

Sochi City Hall Plans Mass Killing of Stray Dogs

City of Sochi hires a pest control company to exterminate the homeless animals for Winter Olympics 2014.

Thousands of strays have been living in the area of Olympic construction sites. More recently, they’ve been seen around the now-open Olympic Park.

But as the 2014 Winter Olympics drew near, Sochi is trying to get rid of its homeless animals problem.

A pest control company which has been killing stray dogs in Sochi for years informed The Associated Press on Monday that it has a contract to exterminate more of the animals throughout the Olympics.

Alexei Sorokin, director general of pest control firm Basya Services, stated his company is involved in what he described as the “catching and disposing” of dogs, although he refused to specify whether they shoot or poison dogs or say where they take the carcasses.

A year ago, Sochi’s city government pledged to work with rescue groups to place the dogs.

Yet it seems that their plan has been left behind.

What You Can Do

Animal activists at Change.org have published a petition for anyone and everyone to copy and send to the Mayor of Sochi: gorod@sochiadm.ru, the Organization of Olympic Winter Games: media@sochi2014.com, the Russian Olympic Committee: pr@olympic.ru, and an extensive list of Winter Olympic Games sponsors.

Join the petition now.

Please share this article and stop the massacre of the homeless animals in Sochi for Winter Olympics 2014.

The Associated Press

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