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How Much Sleep Do We Really Need To Feel Rested?

Experts say that we all have different sleeping needs and sleeping patterns. While one person needs 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night, someone else may be happy with only 5 hours. For instance, Napoleon Bonaparte slept only for 4-5 hours a day, but Albert Einstein needed more than 9 hours of rest. In fact, a 2005 research proved the point that sleep needs are different across populations, and more research is needed to identify characteristics within genes that may generate a medical explanation of how sleep needs vary among individuals.

In 2001, historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech released a seminal paper, based on 16 years of research, clearly shows many evidences and historical proofs that humans used to sleep 7 – 8 hours per day, but in two specific parts, one early evening, a break, and then a second later at night.
Throughout the waking hours our ancestors were relatively active. They typically got up, went to use the toilet, smoked tobacco, read, wrote and often prayed, or had sex.
Ekirch’s book “At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past”, issued four years later, unearths over 500 references to a segmented sleeping pattern – in diaries, court public records, medical books and literature.
The historian believes that today’s sleeping issues, such as insomnia, may come from the fact that the human body’s natural desire for segmented sleep has disappeared.

So when you awake in the middle of the night, stressing out about your sleeping problems, just don’t worry to much about it, as your waking hours, very much the same as our ancestors, may be the greatest natural way to sleep.

Department of History, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Department of History, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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10 Responses to How Much Sleep Do We Really Need To Feel Rested?

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  6. Putra says:

    seriously and i’m not kidding, tire your self to death, do etniyvhreg around the house from cleaning the dishes to cleaning the bathrooms, plus, don’t sleep at day time, don’t even take a nap, set a time to sleep, and set a time to wake up, like a shecdule, your biological clock knows it’s day when the sun goes up, and knows it’s night when the sun goes down, so don’t try to mess this clock, something else, take a hot bath, breathe in and out very slowly before you sleep, and try to make your bedroom as comfy as possible, even if you hate to sleep in the dark turn a little light by your side, or put some soft relaxing music with the volume low, i wish you all the luck..

  7. Maggie Saucier says:

    Put Simply, Tonight UK time NFL Match – I watch as many as possible when im not working.
    So, I tested this out last time and suprisingly it worked, I can last on 6 hours sleep by the way, thats my average. So if it starts for 1.20, I go to bed around 11, sleep for 2 hours, then get up at 1.20, have a strong coffee, it keeps me up till 5.00am, then go back to bed after the game until around 9am, So i get around 6 hours sleep,

    However its a one off, but Sleeping in Segments will disturb my REM Sleep, so i wont feel as refreshed?
    Also Is it good to sleep from 11 till 1.20 as i read somewhere its bad as your about to go into REM sleep and you should only sleep for a max of 30 mins, but i need 6 hours.
    Any Advice? Thanks

  8. Roslyn Pasley says:

    I slept with my parents until I went to college. I was always imagining a fire, tornado, bad guy, etc. Now my daughter who is 6.5 years old is in our room 6-8 times /night only getting 8 hours of segmented sleep. She’s afraid the house will catch on fire and she won’t be able to escape. I know exactly how she feels and I know it’s very real to her. How to I teach her to cope without sleeping together? Thanks for your ideas!

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