Shoes Made With Human Dentures

Halloween Fine Art

British artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young, of Fantich & Young created the Apex Predator,
a pair of black balmorals soled with toothy treads made from hundreds of fake human teeth.

The Apex Predator shoe is made from a pair of black Savile Row by Barker oxfords that have been soled with 1050 teeth salvaged from plastic dentures. Numerous gold caps add a touch of class to the ghastly shoes, which were designed as one-off art pieces or “totems”

According to Fantich and Young’s website, “The idea for the shoes are based on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection and juxtaposing them with the supernatural elements of pagan rites and rituals.”

These shoes are rather intriguing and much to the disappointment of some, they’re a fine art piece, so they aren’t meant to be worn.
The creators, who see the shoes as a sculpture, also created the Apex Predator Suit to complete the look: a suit made from human hair, glass eyeballs and dentures.

For more info visit Fantich & Young

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