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Published on December 28th, 2013 | by No Artificial

No Artificial’s Top 5 Stories of 2013

Our most popular stories of the year.

2013 was a busy year for our blog. From climate change and green technology to health and psychology, we covered it all.

But what caught your eye most? Here’s the top five most read stories of 2013.


#5. Meditation Impacts Gene Expression

Meditation No Artificials Top 5 Stories of 2013

A new study found evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a session of mindfulness meditation.

While there have been several scientific studies providing evidence that meditation can have a positive influence on our health, a new research done by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, France and Spain, shows the first proof of specific molecular changes in the body after a period of mindfulness meditation. Read More

#4. Gratitude Makes You Happier And Healthier

Thanksigivg thank you No Artificials Top 5 Stories of 2013

Appreciation may boost your body’s immune system and increase feelings of well-being.

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has.

According to data compiled by the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, individuals who shared Facebook gratitude posts every day for 2 weeks showed significant increases in appreciation and happiness, greater satisfaction with life and higher resilience to stress. The group also reported fewer headaches and less stomach pain, coughs and sore throats. Read More

#3. Why Husbands Who Share Housework Have Less Sex

for married couples No Artificials Top 5 Stories of 2013

A recent study found that husbands and wives who assign housework in traditional ways have more sex than those who split the duties more equitably.

The new study, published in the February issue of the journal American Sociological Review, shows that sex is linked to what types of chores each spouse does.

Sociologists at the University of Washington (UW) say that couples who stick to traditional gender roles around the house — wives doing the cooking, cleaning and shopping; men doing yard work, paying bills and auto maintenance — reported greater sexual frequency.  Read More

#2. Bill Maher On Gun Control Debate

bill maher1 No Artificials Top 5 Stories of 2013

Maher: 2nd Amendment Isn’t Under Attack

“Someone has to tell America’s gun nuts to stop wetting their Army surplus pants about losing
the Second Amendment” Maher stated in his first Real Time with Bill Maher of 2013. “It’s not your Second Amendment rights that are under attack, it’s all the other ones.” Read More

#1. The Shocking Truth of The Angora Fur Industry

Help Rabbits No Artificials Top 5 Stories of 2013

Cruel truths of the angora fur trade revealed in shocking video recorded by PETA in China.

Angora is a fibre produced by long-haired Angora rabbits. This luxury soft fur is in high demand for sweaters and accessories, especially during the winter months.

According to the International Wool Textile Organization, around 90 percent of the world’s angora comes from China, a country with nothing in the way of legislation to protect farmed animals. Read More

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