Nike Store Built Out Of Trash

Nike’s newest concept store in Shanghai is made entirely of recycled materials.

Taiwanese architectural firm MINIWIZ Sustainable Development Ltd. utilized 5,500 aluminum cans, 2,000 PET water bottles and 50,000 old CDs and DVDs to design the Nike X158 Hyper Nature store. All the components were assembled mechanically and without glue to make them 100% reusable.

The origami RiceFOLD ceiling panels made from recycled digital and compact discs come with inherent light diffusing properties, therefore reducing the store’s overall carbon footprint over time.

The store’s connection joints are made from cans and the tension cables are made from recycled water bottles.

Most of the materials were reinforced with a natural organic mechanical strengthening additive called Rice Husk SiO2.

The suspension ceiling system was designed to accommodate any type of exhibitions or venues. The store also has a second floor space designed for events.

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