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How To Kill Cancer Cells Naturally? Curcumin May Fight Colon Cancer

For centuries Eastern medicine has used curcumin,the major curcuminoid of the well-known Indian spice turmeric (a compound found in curry), for a wide range of health benefits.

Today scientists trying to better understand the ability and biological activity of tumeric. Studies have already found that it has highly effective anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant properties.

Now a group of British researchers has begun a clinical trial that will examine whether curcumin can improve chemotherapy drug effect in patients with high-stage bowel cancer. 40 patients at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester General Hospital will take part in this trial, which will review the results of giving curcumin supplements 7 days before beginning conventional chemotherapy treatment.

Colorectal cancer kills around 65 thousands people worldwide each year. Is the third most common type of cancer, after lung and breast, and the second leading cause of cancer-related death.

Not too long ago, the World Cancer Research Fund published a report that has shown the strong link between the consumption of red meat and the higher risk of developing bowel cancer. It this past review the experts advised consuming a plant-based diet that contains fiber-rich foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and reducing red meat intake to 500 g per week.They also suggested to avoid processed meats completely.

Hopefully someday soon, scientists will eventually find out more about the potential health benefits of curcumin against cancer.

World Cancer Research Found International

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