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Japan: The Country Where People Live The Longest

What is the secret to a longer and healthier life?

Life expectancy is a measure often used to describe the overall health of a population. While the United States has a life expectancy of around 78 years, the life expectancy for the Japanese people is 83. What is their secret to long life? The answer appear to be clear –  healthy diet, exposure to fewer diseases, a lot of walking and the universal health insurance coverage.

The Japanese Diet

Not surprisingly it comes down first to diet –green tea, soy milk, rice, fish, seaweed, a lots of veggies and most importantly, a small amount of food. The Japanese people also eat less meat, milk, butter and all dairy products, which means they avoid all the extra cholesterol. They get all the protein they need from soy products, tofu, bean sprouts and the healthy fatty acids from fish. Because of their eating habits, they have a much lower risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Medical Asepsis

In Japan, face masks are an ordinary sight. They help prevent the spread of certain diseases. Japanese people wear face masks as a kind of courtesy: if you have caught a cold, flu, or the different types of virus you wear a mask to avoid spreading the bacteria and germs to others. This is part of the polite and generous nature of Japanese. Also, masks may help people to prevent breathing in pollen and other allergens.

Walking and Biking

Japanese people walk and bike a lot. They use a pubic transportation. It’s just easier and faster to take a train or local subway than drive. The train system in Japan is truly amazing. The trains run frequently especially around Tokyo area. Whether they’re walking or biking to the train stations, they’re keep moving all day long. It’s not surprising that Japan has one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world.

Health Care System

Everyone in Japan is required to get a health insurance policy. Health insurance may be acquired through employers or from the national health insurance program. There is also a special health program for the elderly, for seniors over 70. The main goal of the Japanese Universal Health Insurance Coverage is to give everyone equal access to high-quality medical treatment for a small out of pocket contribution. The Japanese visit a doctor nearly 12 times a year and they can see any specialist they want.

So here’s a country with the longest life expectancy and excellent health results. Japanese people don’t live longer because they have better genes – it’s all about their healthy lifestyle.

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