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Published on June 6th, 2012 | by No Artificial


Interaction with Men Makes Woman Glow

The latest research suggests that the merest social interaction with a man can bring a glow to a woman’s face. Researchers at the University of St Andrews discovered even non-sexual contact with a member of the opposite sex caused a recognizable rise in the temperature of a woman’s face. A team of researchers used thermal imaging to observe temperature changes in heterosexual females during their meetings with a man or another woman. They observed that even without realizing, a woman’s face would heat up in the company of the opposite sex.

The researchers measured body temperature on a woman’s hand, arm, face and chest when they interacted with men. They found the most dramatic rise in temperature occurred in a woman’s face.

While it may not be surprising that men and women have a physical and emotional reaction to interpersonal social contact, the size of the effect was unexpected.

Lead author of the study Amanda Hahn, said: “We observed some women whose facial temperature increased by an entire degree Celsius during interaction with the male experimenter. She also added that “this thermal change was in response to simple social interaction, without any experimental change to emotion or arousal. Indeed our participants did not report feeling embarrassment or discomfort during the interaction.”

Earlier scientific studies using thermal imaging have suggested that face and body temperature raise during periods of sexual arousal. Furthermore, facial skin temperature changes are related with other types of emotional stimulation, including fear and stress. This study examined whether interpersonal contact can cause facial temperature changes.
Study results released in Biology Letters, could be used in the development of thermal imaging to observe amounts of stress and emotion, in future, for example in lie detection tests.


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  2. Dollie Mccrystal says:

    Im home schooled, and i dont get alot of social interaction, any one got some ideas on what i could do to gain social interaction?
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