Film/TV Hunted - Russia LGBT

Published on February 19th, 2014 | by No Artificial

Hunted – Russia LGBT

Shocking film reveals full horror of persecution in Russia where “gay people are hunted like animals”.

A shocking new Channel 4 documentary shows how gay men in Russia are being “hunted” by vigilante gangs and beaten up because of their sexuality.

Six months after the Russian parliament unanimously passed a law to protect children from ‘non-traditional’ relationships, ‘Hunted – Russia LGBT’ explores the terror against LGBT people in this area, despite Russia officially welcoming gay athletes and spectators to the Winter Olympics.

But it’s believed only 1% of gays dare to live completely openly in Russia, so this appears to be an empty gesture.

Hunted – Russia LGBT from LGBT Puerto Rico on Vimeo.

Gangs: “They operate with impunity and under the cover of the remarks [Vladimir] Putin has made suggesting that children are at risk from homosexuals”

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