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Published on March 30th, 2012 | by No Artificial

Green Coffee Beans May Help You Lose Weight

Could the secret to weight loss be found in unroasted coffee beans?

It is no secret that our society struggles with weight loss resistance. During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States. As of 2011, more than one – third American adults were overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s not surprising a lot of people are searching for natural weight-loss remedies. New research has some good news for individuals who want to lose weight fast and safe. Researchers have just reported that that unroasted, green coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight in a relatively short period of time. Overweight participants in their twenties, in the 22-week study, lost an average of 17 pounds. They took the green coffee bean extract and, for comparison, took a placebo at a different point of the study. The volunteers alternated between a low dose (700 mg) and a higher dose (1,050 mg) of the extract. They were monitored for diets, heart rates, exercise regimes, weight and blood pressure. They did not change their calorie intake but they get regular physical activity during the study. The participants lost more while on the green coffee bean supplements than while on placebo. Additionally, the more extract they consumed, the more weight and body fat they lost.

Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Despite the study’s small size and short time, the author, Joe Vinson, PhD, professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton believes that the chlorogenic acid found in unroasted coffee beans may have some effect on keeping down glucose absorption, which in turn helps reduce weight. Once coffee beans are roasted (at a temperature of 464-482 degrees Fahrenheit), the chlorogenic acid breaks down. It is worth mentioning none of the participants in the study have reported side effects. The study was presented at the American Chemical Society’s spring national meeting in San Diego.

American Chemical Society (ACS) (2012, March 27). New evidence on effects of green coffee beans in weight loss. ScienceDaily.

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