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‘Heart of the District’ by ZA Architects.

ZA Architects, the Germany based architecture firm, won a second place in an international ‘Heart of the District’ competition with their futuristic hotel project in New York.

The heart shaped pod structure would be implemented on the existing NY quarter -23 street 100-134 with proper buildings, functions and street profile.

The concept is to give the tourist a more inside experience on their visit. That is why, there is no hotel building itself, rather than the hotel rooms placed in existing buildings (offices, residential) connected with web of hung pathways.

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The hotel won’t have its private facilities. All services, such as laundries, restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, etc. are going to be used by hotel visitors and locals mutually.
There are a range of entities already on the street – as theatre, gym, trattoria,etc., which will be used along with new, located inside heart, as part of the hotel services.

The visitors can enter the hotel through the elevators and moving ramps right from the street.
‘Heart of the District’ would contain a playground, shop, exhibition space, café, bar, hotel reception, lounge zone, small cinema, library and conference hall.

According to the ZA Architects website, “the main function of the heart is to draw folks in and mix, acquaint them inside its tight spaces, while they busy with varied activities.”

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There is no doubt that ‘Heart of the District’ by ZA Architects not only would add an extra space over the city street, but also would likely become a New York City icon.

For more info visit ZA Architects

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