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Published on August 28th, 2012 | by No Artificial

First Sustainable PUMA Store Opens in India

PUMA launched its first sustainable store in a suburb in Bangalore, India.

The new “green store” is spread over a total of 5.000 sq. ft (800 sq meters) and incorporates the elements of sustainability through innovative design, mechanical and electrical installations to ensure major energy savings. It has been fully built with locally sourced environmentally friendly materials. While the lower levels will serve as a retail area, a ‘PUMA Social Club’ cafe and bar will be located on the upper floor and terrace and will be ready to open by the end of 2012.

With this store, the active-wear giant claims to have completely revolutionized the concept of retail spaces.

“In keeping with our mission of becoming the most desirable and sustainable Sportlifestyle company, PUMA is happy to take this pioneering step forward for the retail industry”, said Franz Koch, CEO of PUMA. “Establishing a sustainable PUMA Store underlines our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, energy, water and waste in PUMA offices, stores, warehouses and direct supplier factories by 2015.”

“The building is a true design marvel and incorporates a host of innovative sustainability features to make our sustainable PUMA Store a one-of-a-kind retail experience”, said Rajiv Mehta, Managing Director PUMA South Asia. “We are pleased to be a pioneer in sustainability again with setting new standards for an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving store concept in one of India’s best shopping locations.”

The sustainability features include:
  • Recycled steel from old DVD players, bicycles and tiffin boxes has been used to construct the building of the PUMA Store.
  • The surface layout of the building has been designed in a way that more than 90% of the interior spaces in this store have direct access to natural daylight so that less artificial light is needed.
  • The artificial lighting used in this store is energy efficient with fewer watts being consumed for the same lumen output.
  • The recessed first and second floor volume generates a stack-effect for natural cooling.
  • The highly insulated building shell allows for cooling without an air conditioning. Soil temperature, at a depth of about 12 feet or more stays fairly constant throughout the year and is approximately equal to the average annual ambient air temperature. The ground will be used as a heat sink for cooling in the summer and as a heat source for heating in the winter. A simple method used in this store is to pass air through the underground air tunnel.
  • By maintaining the temperature at a comfortable 24 degrees Celsius, PUMA leaves it warmer than in usual retail stores and thus conserves energy.
  • The sustainable PUMA Store is 100% solar-powered as solar photovoltaic cells provide 10,384 kwh units of energy a year.
  • The porotherm blocks used to construct the shell of the building have been made using silt from the lakes in Kunigal. These lakes are the only source of water for villages in Kunigal and hence are desilted every year to increase the water table. The silt usually ends up as waste, but has now been used as a valuable resource in the sustainable PUMA Store.
  • Under Floor Air Distribution helps to save further energy. Floor Air Distribution works on the principle that air in any particular space needs to be cooled only for the first eight feet from the floor because convection currents cause hot air to rise automatically while cool air remains at the bottom.
  • The furniture and fixture in this store were made of recycled wood while low volatile organic compound paint has been used to paint the Store’s walls.
  • The Store’s roof garden keeps the building insulated from the direct heat of the sun and the plants keep the temperature lower at all times.
  • A special insulation foam has been implemented in the roof which cuts down heat gains by reducing conduction.
  • Occupancy sensors provide automatic on/ off control so that lights are used when the room is occupied. When the space is unoccupied, the lights are automatically turned off.

The space will retail a range of merchandise made from organic cotton, as well as Puma’s “Wilderness Collection,” a line of apparel, footwear, and accessories primarily sourced and produced in Africa using environmentally sustainable materials and certified by the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF).
For the first time in India, the Sustainable Store also introduces I:CO and PUMA’s global ‘Bring Me Back‘ – an in-store recycling program for footwear, apparel and soft accessories. This program is part of a longer-term goal to create a cycle for the use of raw materials, for example some parts of old sneakers can be turned into athletics grounds, carpet pads, automobile and home insulation, or other materials can be recycled to produce new products.


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