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Published on September 9th, 2012 | by No Artificial

Eco-Friendly Air-powered Car

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company, has planned to release the environmentally friendly air-powered urban vehicle called the AirPod.

Built on technology licensed from Luxembourg’s MDI, the AirPod is a three seater, ultralight car designed to reach a top speed of nearly 70kmh (44mph) and cruise 100-kilometers (62 miles) on just $2. It runs on a combination compressed air and battery-powered electric motor and produces zero pollution when operating. The car also seems to be equipped with Kinetic Energy Restoration system allowing it to recover some energy during braking, similar to present hybrid vehicles.

Compressed-air has been used to power a wide range of vehicles since the 1800s with only limited results. The concept found some minimal success in powering locomotives, mostly used for mining, where a combustion-free energy source was desirable. Eventually, even these were substituted by more efficient electric motors.

Several modern companies have attempted to produce a working compressed-air powered car, but none have yet to reach the consumer market.

The AirPod, currently in the prototype stage, is set to become commercially available in a few years. MDI claims the product price to be around $10,000.


Read more about the company behind this great development here

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