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Published on September 12th, 2013 | by No Artificial

Hybrids And Electric Cars at 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

Eco cars dominate at the 65th Frankfurt Auto Show

The Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA) is the world’s largest automotive exhibition, where automakers of the world unveil the newest car technology and designs.

This year the hybrids and electric cars dominate the show, with a large number of the 70 world premiere models running on either battery power or hybrid gas-electric systems.

Auto manufacturers are under pressure to develop new fuel efficiency technologies to meet the regulations that determine the amount of fuel automobiles can use.

In the US, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards require that new passenger cars and light trucks obtain an average fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallon (MPG) by 2025.
That would reduce US oil consumption by 12 billion barrels and reduce the amount of CO2 produced by cars by about 5%.

At the same time, proposed European Union efficiency standards would limit CO2 per kilometer to 130 grams by 2015 and 95 grams by 2020.

BMW, Porshe, Volkswagen and Toyota are just a few of the automakers introducing their new eco vehicles at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

BMW i3 Electric Car

BMW i3 Hybrids And Electric Cars at 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

The new BMW i3 electric city car has been officially revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The BMW i3 release date is 16 November, but the car is available to order now.

The BMW i3 has a starting price of $41,350, and will be offered with two different power versions: the pure electric model and the range extender.

The pure electric model uses a 168bhp electric motor and can go from 0-62mph in 7.2 seconds. Top speed is 93mph and an 80-100-mile range is guaranteed from a single charge.

The range extender uses a 34bhp 650cc two-cylinder motorbike engine to keep the batteries for the electric motor topped up. This motor extends the car’s range to 160-186 miles, but the added weight cuts the 0-62mph sprint time to 7.9 seconds.

Both versions can be charged up using a plug-in cable, and this takes 8 to 10 hours from a standard plug socket. Additionally the drivers can buy a BMW i Wallbox that gets it to 80 per cent capacity in three hours.

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