E-Space Office Environment

Architect Michael Jantzen has been wholly committed to the ‘green’ design for a years now, up to the point where he find himself in the latest generation of sustainable thinking, where architecture and interiors are designed and created according to the very widest definition of the term.
His interest led him to develop several digital projects such as solar-powered vineyards, houses made of silo roofs or an interactive digital theme park called Elements.

Jantzen’s latest E-Space personal workspace concept also falls naturally under the ‘Eco’ heading, carrying as it does lessons learnt from nature and the sense of a self-sustaining, almost biological entity.

The office space is made from sustainably grown wood products and organic, individually customized fabric. Curved wood rolls are prefabricated into different lengths and shapes.
Attached together, these frames can form many different shapes and dimensions depending on workspace availability and how office fellow workers want to interact – either privately or in a shared open space. The fabric can also be woven through the support structures, easily changing the color, texture, pattern, and/or opacity of the composition. The whole construction can be easily remodeled and added to, or transported to another location. This minimizes the need to reconstruct an entire space when a new employee comes on to the staff or when the current employee needs something that functions slightly differently from the area they are presently working out of.

Researchers believe that a dynamic and customized workspace can maximize staff productivity and performance instead of the same boring (beige or grey) open plan offices.

For more information on Michael’s work please go to www.michaeljantzen.com

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