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Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by No Artificial

Barcelona Launches Scooter Sharing Scheme

New green transportation in Barcelona.

Sustainable transport system is one of many technologies helping to steer today’s urbanization toward sustainability. As cities around the world look to decrease carbon emission to become more environmentally friendly, many are watching Barcelona.

This hip, eco-conscious city has recently launched the world’s first public city scooter sharing scheme.
The city released its Motit project earlier this summer by offering 50 electric bikes to start with, all in a bright purple color to help ensure the driver will be more visible during a day. Any riders will be required to have a license and wear a helmet to reduce the accident fatalities and severe injuries.

3016460 slide coreimgpanel Barcelona Launches Scooter Sharing Scheme

Each scooter has a navigator, which both pinpoints the current location of each unit and guides the driver. The users can reserve and start the bike from their smartphone via the MOTIT app. Scooter riders pay either per trip or by the hour, and there are also monthly rates and tourist rates.

motit3 Barcelona Launches Scooter Sharing Scheme

By the middle of next year, the city plans to offer 500 bikes in more locations.

Images courtesy of Motit

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